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I am Anne...

...a Dutch Urbanism student at the TU Delft. I work part-time at an Urban and Landscape design company in The Hague and I live in Rotterdam. Besides working and studying, you can find me on my race-bike between these cities, in the city to see my friends or in the kitchen to cook something new or an old time favorite. Besides, I love to paint, draw and write poems. And, lastly, my favorite color is white.


The city belongs to everyone. People come, people go. Just like the seasons, the streets and the buildings. The city is always changing. Urban design sketches the canvas, the people form the paint and together this creates the portrait: the city. All people interact different, based on culture, age and ideology. It is the art to integrate this specific context and these behaviors into a design. This is where urbanism touches the borders of (landscape)architecture and sociology. This is where urbanism works on multiple scales and where the smallest intervention can have the biggest impact.
The result of urbanism can be found in the behavior of the people by the use of 'their' spaces or in the way they interact with each other. This result inspires me to take photos or to write poems. With the people, places come alive. And in the most positive outcome, the area becomes a healthy place, a place where people feel good, that fascinates you and offers a sustainable future.
'The city belongs
to everyone'


I am mostly interested in densification, climate technologies and human-wellbeing. However, I like to cross the borders of these interests in order to create a better design. Therefore, the projects include experiments, analyses of the area, creative processes and a personal touch. All places are different and therefore have a personal approach. In the basis, the design should naturally fit into its context and is based on evidence. In my projects I like to work with different disciplines and scales. The design integrates different aspects and disciplines in order to have a positive outcome. This is why we work as a team, whereby everyone can utilize his or her independent strength and people are involved from the early stages in the process.
de wereld is niet mooi,
maar jij kan haar een beetje mooier kleuren'

(Herman van Veen)


Next to urban design, I like to take photos, make paintings or write poems. Most products are related to the designed or undesigned use of the built environment. It is a translation of the psychology of places. The photos are taken of striking texts or situations within this environment, while the poetry is about the feelings that accur within the environment. However, the paintings are not related to moments, situations or places. I just like to test new materials and withdraw myself from the always living outside world.